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McIntosh Music app streams in style

If you've always wanted to stare at a pair of classic 'McIntosh Blue' VU meters while you listen to your tunes but couldn't quite stretch to any McIntosh kit – McIntosh Music might just be the answer.

McIntosh Music is a simple streaming music service, essentially an internet radio station, promising a "24/7 audio stream dedicated to bringing you the best music from across genres and spanning the decades".

The twist? It's presented in a classic McIntosh interface, complete with iconic blue watt meters, which will merrily dance along with your music.

Better known for high-end audio gear, such as the £7500 C2500 preamp and £10,000 MA8000 amplifier, McIntosh Music is available as a direct stream from the McIntosh Music website or as a free to download Android or iOS app.

The service offers a pretty varied selection – Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Black Keys and Mayer Hawthorne, from our experience – and also allows you to buy the tracks you hear directly through Amazon.

You can't search for music or indeed control your selection in any way, so just sit back and enjoy the playlist – "hand selected by McIntosh music experts" – as you watch the needles jump. McIntosh Music is available now.

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by Joe Cox

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