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As the weather takes a turn for the better – maybe, for some of us – it’s time to embrace the great outdoors. But being separated from your home hi-fi doesn’t mean you can’t have great sound on-the-go.

The May issue of What Hi-Fi? (available on newsstands today!) takes a look at music on the move, testing some of the best Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones around.

And as we discover, quality time outside doesn’t have to mean low-quality music – we review the best portable DACs on the market and reveal how you can play hi-res music files on your iPhone.

All the right noises

The outside world can be a noisy place – so it’s little wonder we try to block it out, focus on our favourite tracks or just enjoy a little silence every now and again.

That’s where a pair of noise-cancelling headphones comes in. We review four of the best sub-£100 pairs from JVC, Lindy, Philips and Sony to see which can best block out the sounds of your commute.

But if it’s more leisurely outdoor pursuits you’re after – a hike, a picnic or late-night gathering – we’ve got the portable speakers for that too.

Our test pits four premium wireless speakers from Ultimate Ears, Vifa, V-Moda and Fender against each other – but which one deserves to fill that space in your travel rucksack? Read the May issue of What Hi-Fi? to find out.

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Take the hi-res road

For those who want to get on the road to better audio performance, we review seven portable DACs – including models from Audioquest, Cyrus, FiiO, iFi, Meridian and Oppo.

And, for those who use their iPhone to play tunes, we show you how to convert the Apple smartphone into a hi-res music player, combining all the usefulness of the portable device with great-sounding music.

Apple certainly hasn’t made it easy, but with some music software and a DAC, you’ll be able to enjoy hi-res files on your iPhone.

That only leaves your record collection… vinyl on-the-go? Well, you can (sort of) with a USB phono stage – a device that rips records from your existing turntable and delivers a digital copy. Read our review of four of the best phono stages ready to rip your record collection down to size from as little as £25.

First look

In our First Tests section you’ll find reviews of all the latest hi-fi kit, and the May issue of What Hi-Fi? features the Chord Qutest DAC, the Pioneer N-30AE music streamer and the Now TV Smart Stick

And in keeping with the theme, this issue features our review of B&O’s Play Premium System – available only in the latest Ford Fiesta. How’s that for music on-the-go?

There are also two pairs of wireless headphones in the shape of Bose's SoundSport Free and Master & Dynamic’s MW50, plus the Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone – which our review team says is “as polished and refined as Android phones get”.

Turbo-charged hi-fi

Our That Was Then section takes a nostalgic look at the Marantz CD-63, a turbo-charged CD player. Does it still stir our souls the way it did when we first reviewed it 22 years ago?

Marantz also features in our Temptations this month, with a review of the company’s £7000 PM-10 stereo amplifier. This section also features the Spendor Classic 200 stereo speakers – read our review to discover just what £16,000 worth of loudspeakers sounds like.

Plus: Don’t miss our special subscription offer – a free pair of Beyerdynamic Byron earphones (worth £49) when you subscribe to What Hi-Fi?

The May issue is not to be missed. So dig out your walking shoes and grab a copy of What Hi-Fi? today. Or stay dry and simply download it onto your tablet or smartphone instead. Enjoy!

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