Marantz launches 6006 Series hi-fi separates

The time has come. Marantz has replaced the all-conquering, Award-winning PM6005 and CD6005 stereo components with its brand new 6006 Series. As before the range consists of CD player and matching amplifier, both of which have been completely retuned and fitted with more specially selected components designed to improve sound quality.

Besides improved internal circuitry and components, the CD6006 features new high-performance feet, designed to reduce the effect of unwanted vibrations.

As with its predecessor, there's also Apple connectivity in the shape of the front-mounted USB socket, which can also play hi-res music files (up to 24-bit/192kHz) from compatible USB storage devices.

The CD6006 also features a new headphone amp with switchable gain settings which should, in theory, make it more flexible when it comes to driving different impedence headphones.

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The PM6006 stereo amp also gets high-performance feet and upgraded internals. There's an improved power supply, while Marantz has added an extra optical input over its predecessor to give you another option when connecting digital sources.

Both the CD6006 and PM6006 cost £399 and are available to buy now.

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