Marantz's new Cinema Series AVRs bring the cinema home in serious style

Marantz Cinema Series brings the cinema home
(Image credit: Marantz)

Does your home cinema set-up need some love ahead of winter? Then check out Marantz's Cinema Series, which offers an amp and multiple AV receivers to transform your lounge into a proper home cinema. Roll on those long winter evenings...

All AVRs in the range boast Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and 8K video through multiple inputs. They also offer room optimisation through multiple inputs, while the HEOS built-in means multi-room skills a-go-go. And you'll find a full complement of wireless technologies, including wi-fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay 2

The high definition graphical user interface is all-new, too – and voice compatibility makes controlling them a doddle.

So what's on offer?

The AV 10 and AMP 10 are the flagship products in the Cinema Series. They're built on Marantz's HDAM (Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules) technology, which make the units quieter, more efficient and more musical. 

The AV 10 has 15.4-channel processing, with four independent subwoofers giving you advanced bass management. It supports up to 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos layout, IMAX Enhanced and Auto 3D, as well as the technologies mentioned earlier. Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and Dirac Live are also available via an upgrade.

Voice control comes courtesy of Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, while it offers all the usual streaming apps (Spotify Connect, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Music and so on).

Seven HDMIs take care of all your input needs, and there are three for output too. 

The AMP 10 is a 16-channel power amplifier with class D amplification. It offers 200W + 200W at 8 ohms, two-channel driven; or 400W + 400W at 8 ohms, two-channel driven at BTL (Bridge-Tied Load). It also boasts XLR and RCA inputs as well as a toroidal power transformer.

Don't fancy a flagship? There's plenty else in the range.

Marantz Cinema Series brings the cinema home

(Image credit: Marantz)

The Cinema 40 is an 11.4-channel, 125-watt AVR with an aluminium front panel that's described as "pure luxury to the touch". The Cinema 50 again has 11.4 channels, but each only has 110 watts, while the Cinema 60 drops this down to 7.2 channels each with 100 watts – there's also a model with an integrated DAB radio, called Cinema 60DAB.

Finally, the Cinema 70s is a 7.2-channel, 50-watt AVR built for smaller living spaces.

Pricing? But of course.

AV 10: £5999 / $7000 (AU$TBC)
AMP 10: £5999 / $7000 (AU$TBC)
Cinema 40: £2399 / $3500 / AU$5000)
Cinema 50: £1699 / $2500 / AU$3700)
Cinema 60: £1249 / $1700 / AU$2600)
Cinema 70s: £849 / $1200 / AU$2000)

The Cinema 50 and 60 will be the first to be available, at the end of October, with the rest of the range to follow.


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