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Luxman introduces 'entry-level' PD-151 belt-drive turntable for £4500

Luxman introduces PD-151 belt-drive turntable for £4500
(Image credit: Luxman)

Your definition of 'entry-level' may differ from Luxman's, but at £4500/$5500 this is the most affordable turntable the company has produced to date.

Not that there's anything cheap about it. The Luxman PD-151 deck is designed to look and feel like a luxury item, with its 1cm thick machined aluminium top panel and 4Kg platter designed to make the whole affair suitably weighty and stable.

Luxman PD-151 belt-drive turntable

(Image credit: Luxman)

There's a new, high-precision DC motor – said to achieve wow and flutter of less than 0.04% (WRMS) – driving a stainless steel centre spindle. Selectable turntable speeds are 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. All components are mounted underneath the chassis to minimise vibrations feeding through to the platter.

A balanced Jelco tonearm can be fitted with a variety of cartridges. Controls on the front panel include speed selection, start/stop and power on/off.

The Luxman PD-151 belt-drive turntable will be available in the UK from August 2019 for £4500 (including tonearm and dust cover).


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