Customers of the LoveFilm disc rental service, which is now owned by Amazon, have received notification of a change in membership price, with many reporting not inconsiderable price rises.

The changes are due to come into place in February 2016, with many customers claiming price hikes of up to 400%.

One customer, who contacted What Hi-Fi?, said he'd been told his subscription would be rising from £2 per month to £9.99 per month, for the option to rent two discs out-at-a-time.

Another, who claimed to currently be paying £2 per month for one DVD at-a-time, had been told his subscription plan would be changing to £11.99 per month, albeit for two discs at-a-time. Others reported the three-disc and four-disc per month plans would also be rising.

Users took to Twitter to voice their frustrations, with some suggesting it was a deliberate push by Amazon to move people away from disc rental to its Prime Instant Video streaming service. Conversely, others requested that Netflix added a disc-rental option in order that they could jump ship.

The email from LoveFilm By Post said, "When LOVEFiLM moved to Amazon in February 2014, your billing was updated, so that you paid for your Prime Instant Video and LOVEFiLM By Post memberships separately. Since then, your LOVEFiLM By Post Price has remained unchanged. In order to continue providing a high quality service, we will be launching new plans and prices for all customers.

"To minimise the impact to existing customers we are delaying the launch of new pricing until February 2016... Our goal is to continue to offer the same great service and wide selection of titles to watch and we hope you will continue to enjoy the value that you get from LOVEFiLMBy Post, which allows you to select from over 80,000 DVD and Blu-ray discs to rent."

Amazon responded to our request for comment, saying: "We have recently standardised packages and we believe that LoveFilm By Post and Prime Video offer our customers great value. More details can be found on the LOVEFiLM By Post Help Pages."

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Hardly suprising is it when

Hardly suprising is it when you can get digital downloads that include up to 7.1 surround sound some times for free (NOT ILLEGALLY EITHER).