Peers call for radio scrappage scheme and a fund to help poorer people make the switch to DAB radio in time for 2015 deadline

An influential committee of peers is urging the Government to implement an FM radio scrappage scheme and a fund to help poorer people switch to digital radio.

Failure to do so could lead to a public backlash over plans for the national switchover to DAB in 2015, according to the Lords communication committee.

The committee says there's "public confusion and industry uncertainty" over the switchover. Consumers are still buying analogue radios owing to the lack of public information about the Government's plans for digital radio, it says.

And car manufacturers are still fitting vehicles with FM radios despite the fact that in a few years' time they will only be able to receive local and community radio.

"We recommend an early and extensive information campaign to publicise the Government's digital radio policy, its rationale and its implication for listeners," says the report on the digital switchover of radio and TV, published today.

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The plans for the analogue switchoff are working their way through parliament as part of the Digital Economy Bill, which is likely to become law just before the general election.

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