Regular blog readers may remember my report from the Autumn Hong Kong Electronics Fair about these B&W Nautilus lookalike speakers. They're the F-151s from Taiwanese company Forgings, described as being 'in Nau Tilus shape'.

Well, the company's just sent me information about its latest product, announced at the recent CES show in Las Vegas. And whether considered directly, or on reflection, the new Air Cube speakers look rather familiar.

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The publicity material talks about "powerful acoustic performance coming from such a tiny driver, which is beyond Bose Jewel Cube and Sony Golf ball sized speakers.  Nevertheless, only selling at 20% of their prices!"

And just in case you're still wondering, this helpful picture is included:

Compare and contrast with this

which, as Sony points out, delivers sound from a speaker that sits in the palm of your hand and is no larger than a golf-ball, and this distinctive speaker design.

If you (and your lawyers) reckon the Air Cube speakers are just what the world's been crying out for, they're available for $79 - or about £56 - for a complete 5.1-channel set.

Provided, that is, you buy a 40ft containerload...