LG's TVs now automatically enable Filmmaker Mode on Amazon Prime Video

LG's TVs now automatically enable Filmmaker Mode on Amazon Prime Video
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Watching Amazon Prime Video on an LG TV just got a little bit better. That's because certain models of LG sets will now automatically enable Filmmaker Mode when watching Prime Video, without you having to switch it on yourself.

Filmmaker Mode turns off picture processing features like motion smoothing and image sharpening, which can make the picture look unnatural (what's been dubbed the "soap opera effect").

The mode has been available since 2019, but viewers had to enable it themselves in the settings menu. Which is a faff if you're switching between content which can benefit from picture processing (like sports), and those that don't (like films and TV shows).

Fire up Prime Video, and Filmmaker Mode will switch on automatically, though a pop-up will appear to let you override the mode if you like. That could be handy if watching sport on Prime Video, for instance.

The change comes via a software update, which applies to all compatible webOS 5 and webOS 6 TVs – that includes all of LG’s 2020 and 2021 4K and 8K TVs, like the LG OLED65G1, LG OLED48CX and LG OLED55CX. The update started rolling out this week.


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