LG’s new TVs just got even better for gaming

LG adds new gaming streaming services to its TVs
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LG is adding a suite of new gaming features to its latest TVs. Updates to the Game Shelf UI and two new streaming services round out the Korean giant's push to compete with Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

This new update comes to LG TVs running webOS 6.0 and webOS 2022, bringing a “Game Shelf” feature to collect streaming apps and even give direct access to some GeForce Now games. It will launch with a few features missing, however; LG states, for example, that Google Stadia won’t be accessible via the Game Shelf until a future update. 

LG isn’t stopping there; it is also introducing two new gaming streaming services - but not Xbox cloud streaming or Amazon Luna, which stays as a Samsung TV exclusive for now. You will however find Blacknut and Utomik, two streaming services we aren’t too familiar with, but may be welcome additions to the streaming roster.

Blacknut features more than 500 console and PC games, with more titles added monthly. Despite the service being relatively unknown, it has partnered with some notable gaming brands such as Disney, Square Enix and Crytek. 

Utomik also offers recognisable titles to stream directly on your TV, including Borderlands and Metro 2033. 

Blacknut has a £12.99 / $15.99 (around AU$22) per month subscription. Utomik on the other hand has both personal and family subscriptions, each with three, six and twelve-month recurring billing options. Prices start at £17.99 (around $20.70 / AU$30.50) for a three month personal plan.

While these services may not rival the likes of Xbox, Google and NVIDIA in terms of game streaming platforms, it is promising to see LG including them into its platform for a varied range of gaming options. 



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  • Manish
    What about Bluetooth controller support? Xbox elite game pad core buttons do not work. If that has not been fixed no point in producing more amature software, especially around gaming!