LG V30 flagship smartphone supports MQA, has sound quality focus

Those handy computers in our pockets can do almost anything: start your car, monitor your heart rate, mail a postcard…

But, luckily for the portable music player, they don’t tend to sound all that great.

In recent years, LG has pushed hard to be among the exceptions - the G5 came with an optional Hi-Fi Plus DAC module, which helped make it one of our favourite smartphones of 2016. The LG V20 introduced a Hi-Fi Quad DAC in a bid to be sonically superior to its rivals, and now its successor – the upcoming V30 – features an “advanced” version of that DAC. LG says the 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC, powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P, offers more customisable options.

It presents two new features: digital filters, and four pre-programmed sound presets – enhanced, detailed, live and bass.

LG has also brought MQA technology into the flagship handset, allowing for easier, more convenient storage of hi-res audio files.

MQA is a method of digitally storing recorded music as a file that’s small enough to download or stream, without the sonic sacrifices that are traditionally associated with compressed files. It’s also made hi-res audio streaming possible, and seems to be picking up steam in the industry with more partners and products onboard.

The icing on the cake: B&O Play buds come bundled.

We're certainly behind LG's championing of better sound in smartphones, and we look forward to hearing more at LG's press conference at IFA 2017 later this week. Until then...


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