LG's digital widget
The interactive video aims to debunk some of the myths around 3D by giving you 'as live' answers to 3D-related questions

LG is set to launch a 'digital widget' online to help demystify some of the myths around 3D TV. The interactive video will launch in tandem with the company's first 3D cinema advert.

The digital Life's Good Lounge Q&A will be housed on LG's website and on the company's Facebook page, and will allow users to interact with characters in order to get answers to 3D-related questions.

There's also the chance to win a LG 3D cinema package: the first person to find the hidden scene within the widget will get instructions on how to claim their prize.

With the aid of buzz-metrics, LG was able to find out the most popular questions about 3DTV.

Director Richard Ayoade – best known for his role in The IT Crowd – and the comedy duo of Tim Key and Lloyd Wolf then pre-recorded answers to appear as live responses to consumers' questions.

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People are also invited to pose their questions to @asklg3dtv on Twitter to be directed to answers.

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