LG DVLED wall-size TVs are coming to the lounge

LG DVLED wall-size TVs are coming to the lounge
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If you're looking for a new TV and are after something a little bit special, you might want to check out LG's DVLED (Direct View LED) sets. They were previously only available for commercial use like advertising, but now you can buy one for the home.

They're massive. Sizes range from 81 inches to 325, with 2K, 4K or 8K resolutions available.

But it's not just the size that sets them apart. Their screen technology is pretty smart too.

Direct View LED TVs differ from normal LED TVs because the images are created directly by the LEDs themselves (LED TVs use LCD technology with LED backlighting to improve brightness). This produces a higher contrast ratio and improved brightness, making for an altogether more vivid visual experience.

Your options are a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, or a super-stretched 32:9 (which could be handy for viewing multiple feeds at once, like live sport). 

You can't pick them up at your local electronics shop. They're only available through a new custom-installation dealer programme. Dealers who qualify will get training and customer support assistance, a subscription to LG's Connected Care software so they can remotely monitor their customer's system performance, and a five-year warranty on each TV. An LG field engineer will help on-site during installation, and LG will provide site visit "health checks" twice a year for three years. 

These are only available for the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema models, not the all-in-one DVLED Home Cinema models that are pre-built and packaged.

Your TV and accessories will arrive in LG-branded flight cases for the ultimate in protection during transit. And thanks to LG's webOS software, you can store artwork on the TV without needing a wi-fi connection.

LG calls it the supercar of home display technologies, so suffice to say it won't come cheap. There's no word on pricing yet, but you can find out more at LG's website.


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