LG is showing what it expects to be the future of TV at CES 2017, with a whole host of fantastical screen technology on show.

LG's panel company, LG Display, isn't only concerned with screen technology, as the company's "Crystal Sound OLED" television demonstrates. 

This technology embeds a sound system in the panel itself, which it says makes for a more immersive experience. The sound is projected as if coming directly from the characters, rather than "off-centre sound from speakers", according to LG. These displays will come in 55in and 65in models.

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The company is also showcasing "Wallpaper OLED" TVs, which are thinner 65in and 77in screen models designed to be wall-mounted. We've previously seen 0.97mm thin screens from LG Display, so we'll have the measuring tape out to see whether this latest batch of screens goes thinner.

Also on show as part of the company's screen tech showcase will be double-sided UHD OLED displays, and a 55in HD transparent OLED display.

LG Display claims the new screens deliver richer colours too, with an exclusive Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) technology called "IPS Nano Color". According to LG, this technology uses nanoparticles to provide "more accurate" colours at different angles.

This announcement comes after the news that LG Display will be working with Sony to deliver Sony OLED TVs later this year.

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