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With LG's 2018 OLED and SUHD TVs supporting Dolby Atmos, its UHD models are backing another audio technology...

For the uninitiated, DTS Virtual:X is a post-processing audio technology designed to create the effect of an 11.1-channel (specifically 7.1.4) surround-sound set up through a 5.1 or even a stereo set-up.

We’ve heard (and been impressed by) the virtual surround sound technology in the Award-winning Yamaha YAS-207, and since then it’s been announced for selected Marantz and Denon AV receivers. But this marks the first time the technology has arrived in TVs.

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LG has so far confirmed DTS Virtual:X support for two models in its 2018 Ultra HD TV range: the UK7550PLA and UK6950PLA/B. 

What does the technology mean for compatible TVs? In theory a more involving, psuedo-surround sound from their stereo speakers. 

How effective that is in practice remains to be heard, but for now we’ll remain mildly sceptical that achieving a convincing virtual height and surround sound from a TV’s built-in speakers is possible.

Still, having also confirmed support for Dolby Atmos decoding across its 2018 OLED and SUHD ranges, LG seems commited to the audio side of TV - and who are we to argue with that?


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