Leema Acoustics will reveal 25th-anniversary Quantum hi-fi range at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Leema Acoustics Graviton power amp, Leema Acoustics Neutron preamp
(Image credit: Leema Acoustics)

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Welsh hi-fi brand Leema Acoustics has announced a brand new Quantum range of hi-fi separates. The Quantum series will consist of the Electron CD player, Positron music streamer, Neutron DAC/preamp and Graviton power amplifier. All with, we can agree, rather brilliant product names.

While full details of each product are yet to be released, visitors to this week's Bristol Hi-Fi Show will get their very first glimpse of the new Quantum series products. 

Leema Acoustics co-founder Lee Taylor said, “Leema started as a hobby project in a small metal shed, bought from a Littlewoods catalogue back in 1998. The fact we are still doing what we love 25 years later, although thankfully, now in a much bigger shed, is a constant source of surprise to me. It seems the old adage, ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is true.”

We've also been teased that the brand will be working on a number of other technology projects as part of its birthday celebrations this year.

Leema Acoustics was founded in 1998 by two ex-BBC sound engineers, Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls. Their first product was the well-received Xen micro monitor speakers, before embarking into electronics. The Tucana integrated amplifier followed next in 2006 (the latest editions of which were highly acclaimed), and Leema remains one of the small handful of hi-fi brands hand-building products in the UK. All Leema products are handmade, designed and produced in Welshpool, Powys in Wales, with components sourced locally from the UK and Europe.

The new Quantum products will be shown alongside a full Tucana-based demo system at the Bristol Show (room 412). There's no word on pricing yet, but we'll see what other information we can eke out of Leema Acoustics when we see them at the show this weekend.

The Bristol Show runs from 24-26 February and tickets are available online via the show’s official website or on the door.


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