Klipsch Music Crate is a one-box vinyl solution

The Music Crate has been designed to be a simple plug-and-play one-box vinyl package, while also supporting a range of other sources, including wireless music playback. In the box you get a pair of Klipsch R-15PM powered monitor speakers and a Pro-Ject Klireftt turntable.

The speakers have an integrated phono pre-amp, wireless Bluetooth, and digital optical and analogue RCA inputs, so they can be used to improve sound from your TV or other devices, and to play music from a laptop, phone or tablet. If you’re after some extra low-end power, you’ll find a subwoofer output too.

The Klireftt turntable is a simple set-up design as it doesn’t need you to make counterweight or anti-skating adjustments. It uses a belt-drive mechanism and comes fitted with an OM 5 optimised 8.6in aluminium tonearm and Ortofon cartridge.

Klipsch has said this package is only available in Canada, for $1099 CAD, but has said a similar package will be making its way to Europe in the summer.

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