KEF Concept Blade
Technology alliance with the firm behind Aston Martin's racing team continues for a further year

British speaker specialist KEF is to continue as technical partner to Prodrive, one of the world's leading motorsport and automotive technology companies, for a further year.

The agreement will continue for the whole of 2010 and gives KEF the right to use the Prodrive official logo for marketing purposes.

Prodrive, which operates in the UK, China and Australia, has worked with top car companies including Aston Martin (running the Aston racing team), Alfa Romeo, Subaru, Porsche and BMW. It has helped KEF's engineers with innovative carbon fibre cabinet technology, as used in the showcase Concept Blade speakers (pictured).

For its part, KEF supplies Prodrive with audio components for installation and future use at the Prodrive UK facility.

"All of us at KEF are thrilled to continue working alongside a company such as Prodrive," says Steve Halsall, KEF UK's managing director.

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"We have been working on some highly innovative loudspeaker concepts and see the link with Prodrive as an exciting way to extend awareness of our technology to high-end consumers."

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