KEF announces last sales of Muon speakers: hurry, hurry!

KEF's statement Muon speaker, launched in August 2008, is about to sell out.

The company says only a few of the limited edition of 100 pairs now remains, and if you don't get your skates on and snap up yours, at £140,000 a pair, you'll be too late.

The 2m-tall speaker, created by KEF and industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, uses an enclosure made from 6mm super-formed aluminium, heated and then moulded into the unique contours of the Muon.

A KEF Uni-Q driver handles the upper midrange and treble, there's an additional lower-mid unit and four bass drivers, plus a pair of bass drivers to the rear to compensate for room effects.

In addition the speakers use the company's Acoustic Compliance Enhancement technology, with activated carbon effectively doubling the available volume of the enclosure through the adsorption of air molecules.

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