After teasing a mysterious new projector, JVC has spilled the beans with the launch of its first native 4K projector. But it ain't cheap.

JVC has revealed more details about its new native 4K HDR projector, which features a newly-developed "Blu-Escent" Laser light source with a claimed brightness of 3,000 lumens. 

Focusing on producing a smooth picture, bringing depth to Ultra HD and HDR content and a long operational life - approximately 20,000 hours - the company hopes this projector will be able to take on five-star competitors such as the Sony VPL-VW300ES and the Sony VPL-VW520ES.

The JVC DLA-Z1 has a new 4K lens and a new Cinema Filter with wide colour gamut support. The projector sports three of JVC's latest 4K D-ILA chips, with one each for red, green and blue.

The improvement in brightness means that the projector is compatible with size screens of 200in, and the new high-resolution 100mm lens can apparently give a "precise projection of 4K resolution graphics".

JVC is also applying for this projector to become the world’s first with the “THX 4K Display” approval.

The DLA-Z1 has two HDMI inputs, both supporting the HDCP2.2 standard.

The JVC DLA-Z1 projector is set for release in Europe in late November and will cost an eye-watering £30,000.

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Benedict_Arnold's picture

Finally Sony gets some competition!

Should see prices for all 4K projectors finally come down to those competitive with really big 4K TVs.

Currently a mid-range Sony PJ is about $15K in the US, plus you need to add $2K for a decent screen, so the installed cost with the ceiling mount, long HDMI cable, etc. etc. is close to $18K.  An 85-inch 4K TV sells for about $10K here.  So if the sizes of affordable (ahem) 4K TVs go up a bit, say to 100 to 110 inches and / or the prices for a 4K PJ setup (all of it, not just the PJ) drop to about $14 to $15K, we'll see some proper head-to-head competition.  I might even have a job again by then....

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It'll be interesting to know

It'll be interesting to know the estimated price.

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Hopefully it really is native and not e-shift again


I really hope this isn't another version of e-shift. 

It's OK for cinema but if you want to plug a PC in, the e-shift cannot resolve fine text correctly by emulating 4k from a 2k half pixel shift.