JBL unleashes its 1400 Array speakers

JBL 1400 Array

There's a 10cm flared port, and the speaker goes down to 32Hz.

Above this, mounted in a vertical SonoGlass Bi-radial horn, is a 7.5cm Aquaplas-treated aluminium-dome compression driver, handling frequencies from 750Hz to 8kHz, and a supertweeter using a titanium diaphragm driven by a 5cm neodymium motor, taking the frequency range all the way up to 40kHz.

The horn design controls the dispersion pattern, which is 60x30 degrees, and the crossover uses ultra-low-loss inductors and polypropylene capacitors, with the high-frequency sections mounted away from the low-frequency one for minimal crosstalk.

The speakers are available in black zebrawood or mahogany veneer, can be used with amps of up to 300W, and have 89dB/W/m sensitivity and 8ohm impedance. They're distributed in the UK by CSE.

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