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A single, industry-wide technology standard for internet radios will be announced at the IFA show in Berlin next week

Internet radio is growing rapidly, with a wide range of new products coming to market, but now the industry wants to introduce an agreed standard for internet radio to avoid a costly technology battle between different formats.

The Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA) will announce a certification standard intended to "future-proof standalone internet radio players" at the IFA consumer electronics show opening in Berlin next week.

"The industry needs to harmonise the technologies used by product designers and webcasters to ensure neither they nor the consumer lose out," says Harry Johnson, chairman of the IMDA steering committee.

"The shift in internet radio listening habits to dedicated devices needs one standard to be implemented across the entire system.

"Otherwise, manufacturers will face a technology war, broadcasters will face rising costs and consumers will face owning obsolete products," adds Johnson.

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The IMDA was launched in 2009 to develop and promote a set of open, interoperable standards and device profiles for internet connected media devices.

Full details of the IMDA certification for internet radio will be announced at IFA in Berlin on September 6th.

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