IFA NEWS: Sony Sountina – that's me in the corner

Sony Sountina

The speaker uses an organic glass tube able to disperse sound from along its entire length. It's energised by several drive devices to create 'Vertical Drive Technology', and delivers what the company calls a 'Circle Sound Stage'.

The tubular driver is backed up with conventional midrange and bass drivers, and the whole thing has internal amplification enabling it to be connected directly to sources from Blu-ray players to portable machines, using either analogue or digital hook-ups.

So why the strange name? Sony explains Sountina thus: "This single, elegant column, combining glass, leather and room-enhancing illumination, delivers music over 360º, providing a sonic and visual focal-point for any room.

"Sony's designers explain the name is a fusion of 'sound' and 'fountain'; just as people gather around a fountain, so the Sountina will deliver amazing music to those all around it."

Which makes it all the more odd that the press picture (above) shows it standing in a corner...