MS Alumni 8
New models go taller and wider to boost the appeal of sub/sat line-up

Mordaunt-Short is augmenting its Alumni speaker range with the addition of a new tower speaker and left/centre/right speaker bar, each using no fewer than seven drive units.

The new Alumni 8 speakers, which will sell for £500/pr when they hit the shops in October, combine the company's 25mm tweeter with two 9cm Continuous Profile Cone mid/bass units. The output from the CPC units is further boosted by the use of four Acoustic Bass Radiators, which move in concert with the main drivers.

The £300 Alumni 3 LCR combines left, centre and right channels in a single housing, with separate tweeters and mid/bass units for each channel, and and extra mid/bass unit on the centre channel.

The company also suggests that in smaller rooms two LCR speakers could be used, one to the front and one to the rear, along with the Alumni 9 sub, to provide a complete 6.1-channel system.

All the speakers come in a choice of piano black or white high gloss finish, use curved cabinets for rigidity and to reduce internal standing waves, and come with stands and Omnimount Ready fittings.

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