Cyrus 8 XPd
Cyrus is offering hefty discounts if you upgrade your amplifier in July and August, with savings of up to £900 when you trade in your old amp

Calling all Cyrus owners: here's a chance to upgrade your existing amplifier and bag a hefty discount on one of the company's new XP models.

As part of its fifth birthday celebrations under its current management, Cyrus is offering the superb new 8 XPd amplifier we awarded five stars in our July 2009 issue for a whopping saving of £700.

"The 8 XPd breaks new ground for Cyrus and sets a sky-high standard at the price," we said.

So if you have any Cyrus amplifier from the Cyrus 3 onwards to trade in, you can upgrade to a Cyrus 8 XPd for just £800 (RRP is £1500).

But that's not all. There are a host of trade-in discounts available on other new Cyrus XP amps too:

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Model                 SRP        Special PX price      Save

Cyrus 6 XP        £900             £650                 £250

Cyrus 8 XP        £1200           £750                 £450

Cyrus 8 XPd      £1500           £800                 £700

Cyrus 8 XPd Qx  £1800          £900                 £900

Pre XPd             £1300          £800                 £500

The promotion officially starts on July 1st, but you can book your amp in for a part exchange now.

To qualify for this special offer, contact your local Cyrus dealer, call the Cyrus team on 01480 43 55 77 or check out the Cyrus website.