Indigo iPod docks
Stylish, aluminium-bodied iPod docks come in travel and full-size versions, now discounted online

Updated 29/06/10

One of our eagle-eyed Forumites, matengawhat, has just spotted a great deal on this over on, which is offering the Air Audio Design iPod dock for just £29.99, down from £79.99.

You also get a free iPod accessory as part of the deal.

And if even £30 is too much, there's the travel version of the Indigo dock for a bargain-tastic £14.99.

Published 18/03/10

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Air Audio Designs describe themselves as "young, vibrant Docklands-based innovators in design, materials and solutions for getting the most from your music".

The first fruits of their labours are these two stylish, aluminium-bodied Indigo iPod docks. There's a compact travel version for £39.99, and a larger one selling for £69.99.

Each dock has a pair of Neodymium drivers for "enhanced stereo sound", and they run off the mains or batteries. An ultra-thin remote control is included as standard, and there's an input for connecting other portable devices.

They're available from,, Tec7, Dixons Travel and House of Fraser.

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