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Tickets for HIFI2020 Sydney, Australia's newest audio and AV show, are now on sale

HIFI2020 Show Sydney
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HIFI2020 Show + Vinyl Record Fair
3-5 April 2020, Novotel Central Sydney

Discounted tickets for HIFI2020 – Sydney's newest prestige hi-fi event – are officially on sale now, so confirm your attendance today and save with early bird rates!

Presented in conjunction with official media partners Sound+Image and Australian Hi-Fi magazines (What Hi-Fi?'s sister publications from Down Under) HIFI2020 Sydney is will open its doors at the downtown Novotel Sydney Central over three days, from Friday April 3 to Sunday April 5, 2020. 

So what exactly is a hi-fi show?

“It’s like a car show unveiling the world’s best cars, but with hi-fi music systems, headphones and home cinema gear – a chance to see and hear the world’s best equipment all in one place,” says HIFI2020’s Jez Ford, who has been surrounded by hi-fi for 30 years as a journalist on publications including Sound+Image, which he currently edits.

Unlike a car show, however, HIFI2020 lets attendees actually test drive all this luscious hi-fi, with individual rooms and suites across four floors of the hotel hosting everything from the latest in voice control and streaming systems up to the highest of high-end hi-fi. 

“They say everyone should drive a sports car once,” says Jez. “When you hear what these systems can do with your favourite music, and you realise what a change they can bring to your home and lifestyle, they become irresistible. You have been warned!”


Krix Immersive Cinema

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Krix Immersive Cinema
For HIFI2020, Krix is building a mega multichannel movie house right at the heart of the show, creating the largest and most immersive demonstration system ever experienced in Sydney. Given that Krix delivers professional cinemas all over the world from its home in South Australia, as well as bringing that expertise home as hi-fi and home cinema, the Immersive Cinema sessions running throughout the show promise the very height of movie experience.

Kyron Audio + Halcro + Dohmann Helix

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Halcro & Kyron & Döhmann: Australian triple whammy in a half-million-dollar hi-fi system 

Halcro has returned, with Australia’s legendary creator of “the best amplifier ever” (as reviewed by US Stereophile magazine) bringing their new Eclipse power amplifiers retailing at $135,000 a pair to HIFI2020. 

Kyron Audio has won every ‘Best of Show’ hi-fi accolade available, and you’ll realise why when you hear the utter realism of these peerless and unique Australian speakers. 

And topping off this all-Aussie system is the latest vinyl turntable from Mark Döhmann’s Döhmann Audio, the Helix One Mk2, considered one of the world’s finest turntables at any price, and a true reference for musical enjoyment.

Döhmann, Halcro and Kyron together in one room represent a spectacular combination in a system with a retail value well over half a million dollars. It's a chance to hear how the world's best hi-fi can sound.

Vinyl record fair

Vinyl lovers can rejoice! The Hall of Vinyl near HIFI2020’s entrance will host a vinyl record fair throughout the three days of the show, free with HIFI2020 show entry or $5 for those who come just to browse the selection of classic, collectable and bargain LPs. 

“Vinyl continues its amazing resurgence,” says Jez Ford, “and it’s largely youth-driven, with a new generation loving the experience and the sound of playing vinyl. There are some amazing vinyl systems at the Show to demonstrate just how good the black stuff can sound, and the Record Fair is a chance to take some of that vinyl joy home with you.”

The Sanctuary and the Corridor of Sound

For HIFI2020, the Novotel's lower ground level will be transformed into what's been dubbed 'The Sanctuary', and will host two substantial music systems using very different technologies. The first is a reference system from Bowers & Wilkins (maker of the legendary 800 Series loudspeakers) that's used in recording studios around the world, including London’s Abbey Road Studios. Then a second room showcases the very different flat-panel loudspeakers from Magnepan in the US.

“This is a rare chance to hear the very best in traditional cone-based loudspeakers from B&W and then immediately contrast it with the very different presentation of Magnepan’s flat-panel planar speakers,” said Jez Ford. “I think a lot of people will fall in love with one or the other, and if you haven’t heard large planar speakers before, prepare to be amazed. The Sanctuary is the place to take some time and let that beautiful music take you over.”

The Corridor of Sound is up on the 9th floor of the hotel, where each of the 20+ rooms holds a different demonstration of hi-fi, headphones, home cinema and more, offering a chance to sample many real-world audio systems as well as some of the industry's highest offerings. The HIFI2020 website has a full list of brands and details of what will be at the show.

HIFI2020 show details

WHAT: HIFI2020, hi-fi show and vinyl record fair

WHERE: Novotel Sydney Central, 169-179 Thomas St, Sydney NSW 2000.

WHEN: Friday 3 April 2020, 2-8pm, Saturday 4 April 2020, 10am-5pm, Sunday 5 April 2020, 10am-4pm

HIFI2020 SHOW ENTRY: $25 on door, or $20 early bird rates online, $10 students with card

VINYL RECORD FAIR ENTRY: $5 on door, or free with HIFI2020 ticket

(Image credit: HIFI2020 Show Sydney)