Griffin adds iPhone App to new iTrip FM transmitter

Griffin iTrip

The iTrip FM transmitter for iPhone and iPod allows you to listen to music, podcasts and audio books from your portable via your car's FM radio.

Now with the addition of the free iTrip Controller app, controls appear on the screen of your Apple device allowing you to use the tuning controls and SmartScan feature.

The app and the iTrip itself are instantly synced ensuring any changes made on one is then made on the other.

Other features of he iTrip include track and artist information on the screen of your RDS-compatible radio, EQ adjustments, a choice between mono and stereo sound, and easy scanning of FM frequencies.

Griffin's iTrip for iPod and iPhone is available at Apple Stores from October for £40, while the iTrip Controller is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

We'll be getting to grips with one very soon, so look out for a review in our December issue.