Google TV devices will soon connect to wireless speakers

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An update centred around building a Google-based smart ecosystem is coming to Google TV soon. The operating system behind the Chromecast streaming line as well as Sony’s flagship OLED TVs is gaining more functionality when it comes to wireless audio options thanks to this update, as well as becoming a home fitness hub.

Google seems to have big plans for this update, with sights set on upgrading the Google TV experience all the way into 2024. Some new features look to have a more immediate effect, while others may be added in the coming months and years. The one that has caught our attention looks to be a priority for Google, so it should hopefully be a feature that arrives soon. This is of course the upgraded wireless audio options slated for Google TV, with Google’s own Nest smart speakers being the first to receive connectivity.

It looks like users will be able to link their smart speakers to the TV OS, and, depending on your set-up/how many Nest speakers you own, will be able to form some sort of wireless surround system. It won’t be the highest performing or most nuanced option when it comes to TV audio options, but it's a nice feature for those in the Google ecosystem. Apparently, there are also plans for third party speakers to receive this functionality in the future. However, considering the current climate, we doubt Sonos will be receiving any preferential treatment.

Further planned updates to Google TV include better smart home management, meaning you’ll be able to control your smart home appliances from your TV without having to interrupt whatever TV show or movie you are watching. Google also hopes to turn its TV operating system into a smart fitness hub through its Wear OS and Fitbit smartwatches and interactive video workouts on the Google TV platform, although this isn’t slated until 2023 at the earliest. Users will also be able to watch their heart rate and burnt calories on their TV in real time.


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