Google Home update allows pairing with other Bluetooth speakers

Google has released an update for its Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max speakers, allowing them to play music through non-Google Bluetooth speakers in your home.

Previously, speakers had to be Chromecast-compatible in order to be paired with Google's devices.

In a blog post, the company says by pairing any Bluetooth speaker with a Google device you can now send audio directly to that speaker.

This is a useful addition for those that only have the Google Mini as, while its small drivers are fine for voice feedback and answering quick questions, it doesn't provide the best audio quality.

Of course, even if you've paired up your Bluetooth speaker you'll still need to direct all your questions to the Google Home device.

While Amazon's Echo range of devices - like the Echo and Echo Dot - already have this functionality, the addition makes Google's range more competitive - especially considering it can offer features Amazon can't, like free UK voice calling.


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