Goldmund's ancient Greece-inspired Melos active speakers boast a price tag fit for the gods

Goldmund Melos
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High-end Swiss brand Goldmund has followed up the recent announcement of its premium Melos Passive speakers with an active and wireless version that promises to "revolutionise your auditory experience". That name, by the way, was chosen as "a homage to the melodies of ancient Greece", and a quick check on Google confirms this to be the case. 

The recently-revealed Melos Passive came with a hefty £26,500 price tag, but this Active wireless model takes things to new levels thanks to a rather whopping £30,000 asking price. Goldmund promises that they're worth every penny, though, claiming that this is the arrival of an "audio gem that transcends ordinary speaker systems, both in performance and aesthetics".

The Melos Active are a little weightier than their passive counterparts, with each two-way speaker weighing 24kg (the Melos Passive are 20kg). Each speaker features a soft dome tweeter alongside an 18cm woofer, which are powered by 2x 175W of amplification. That means a whopping great 350W of power for each speaker (or a total of 700W per pair!)

Goldmund says it uses 'advanced' crossover technology and its own digital filtering and time correction tech to ensure the speakers can deliver a "lifelike" sound. In terms of connections, you're treated to a single digital S/PDIF (coaxial) input and output, and you can connect your laptop or smart device to the speakers wirelessly as well (we've asked Goldmund for more clarification on the wireless features).

Goldmund Melos Active

(Image credit: Goldmund)

According to Goldmund, the Melos active speakers are designed to offer deep bass and an immersive listening experience to "envelop the listener in a symphony of unparalleled realism". 

The Goldmund Melos Active certainly look the part. The distinctive units sport a smooth, brushed exterior design with ribbed panelled sides, creating a luxurious, premium profile. The active version of the Melos features Goldmund's signature grey finish alongside grey grilles, although you have the option of black grilles (for additional cost) if you want your Melos to stand out from the crowd a little more.

As was the case with the recently unveiled Melos Passive speakers, the new Melos Active wireless speakers are designed with the brand's flagship Tethys and flagship Gaia speakers very much in mind, drawing aesthetic inspiration from two of Goldmund's high-end models. 

The new Goldmund Melos Active speakers are available now for £30,000 / $35,000 / €34,000 per pair.


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