Gibson launches free Virtual Guitar Tech Service for one-to-one guided tune-ups

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Nothing like a lockdown to see you pick up your guitar for the first time in ages. Perhaps you've taken up Fender on its offer of free Fender Play tutorials for three months. Maybe you've added guitar practice to your child's homeschool schedule. But what if, despite your best efforts, said guitar is letting you down? Can't take it to your local luthier, can you? 

Gibson, the iconic American-made instrument brand may have the answer. The Nashville firm has just launched its Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service, available worldwide from today. And it is free. 

The global service matches players worldwide with Gibson’s team of professional techs in real-time, to cover basic tune-ups for guitar, bass, electric and acoustic players in any genre or style. The Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German and English, across time zones in Europe and the USA (with more territories to be added). 

The service is personalised for any player who wants to self-service their instrument. And unlike online instructional videos, you won't be alone; the Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service promises real-time, interactive video assistance from an experienced Gibson technician.

Gibson says its virtual service can assist with your Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer or Steinberger, electric or acoustic guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, or electric bass.

Sound good? Ready to sign up? Excellent. The Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech experience is a two-step process. And, make no mistake, it is entirely free:

Step 1:

Head to and schedule a free 30-minute one-on-one consultation call with a Virtual Guitar Tech (VGT). On this video conference call, you’ll discuss your instrument type, its condition, any issues you’re currently experiencing and what type of services are needed. The VGT will ask questions about your playing and style, as well as your experience and comfort level with working on your own instrument. The VGT will give you a list of the basic tools and supplies needed to successfully perform the tune-up tasks.

Step 2:

Upon completing Step 1, schedule a free 60-minute one-on-one Basic Guitar Tune Up Service with a VGT. This appointment is confirmed after your initial consultation call, in order to give you time to order the recommended supplies and tools. The VGT will guide you – via real-time video – step-by-step through the process of servicing your instrument.

More information can be found on Gibson's website, but the company says Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service calls are free, personalised, one-on-one live video conference calls between you and a knowledgeable and experienced instrument technician. Players will need to download Zoom video conferencing software for free ( but that's it. 

Gibson also says its new free service provides interactive assistance with a variety of basic tune-up and maintenance tasks. Since players do the actual work while the technician demonstrates and guides in real-time, even beginners should be able learn to successfully remove old strings, clean their instrument, condition the fretboard, install new strings and tune the instrument with the help of a Gibson VGT. 

Advanced tasks such as adjusting your truss rod, pickup height, action and intonation are available upon consultation. If the instrument needs more extensive repair work, Gibson promises the technician will provide counsel on professional services.

“In these unprecedented times, we all could use a little virtual help from an experienced technician to set up our guitars at home” says Cesar Gueikian, chief merchant officer at Gibson. "With the Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service, we’re giving our fans around the world the support needed to set up and play our guitars at home."

Guitar in tip-top shape and ready to shred? Gibson can help here, too. Gibson Gives has partnered with Sweetwater to offer new Amped Guitar app subscribers (see trailer, above) three months of premium membership – for free. 

Amped Guitar is created by guitar teachers and built on Audio Augmented Reality. Gibson says a limited quantity of subscriptions are available now on the Apple app store worldwide. You can register your profile and begin playing with Amped Guitar Learning today, here.


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