Gear 4 Sound Orb Aurora
Here's a novelty – an iPod dock from Gear 4 with a subwoofer that lights up and changes colour

Hard on the heels of its Streetparty 3 iPod dock, UK-based technology company Gear 4 is aiming to break into the higher-end dock systems market with its Sound Orb Aurora, available now.

Retailing at £250, the compact Sound Orb Aurora consists of a docking unit with built-in speakers, Digital Signal processing (DSP) technology and a separate wireless subwoofer, which features a four-inch downward firing driver.

For those who like their gimmicks, the Sound Orb Aurora's subwoofer doubles as an ambient light, with full array of colours, while the docking unit features 'psychoacoustic' settings, that offer 'virtual wide stereo' and 'virtual surround sound' in addition to the sound already available.

Works with Apple productsGear 4 says the Sound Orb Aurora is only set to work with Apple products, and that there's no plans in motion to change this.

Also appearing in early October is the £100 Explorer, a compact and hard-wearing docking system that also features DSP technology, together with a lithium ion battery with a 10 hour life and two-hour charge time for convenience.

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It rests on sturdy aluminium legs and, unusually for a dock, has a bass port in addition to two speakers. The Explorer's battery is replaceable, and widely available on the market, although Gear 4 will also be offering a spares service.

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