Five-star turntable gets greener and cheaper: meet Rega's Green Grade eco-friendly Planar 1

Five-star turntable gets greener and cheaper: meet Rega's Green Grade eco-friendly Planar 1
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You wouldn't think of Award-winning turntable manufacturers taking inspiration from wonky veg, but you might be surprised. Rega has launched a new Green Grade initiative that – much like the aesthetically challenged vegetables – reduces waste and slashes the price of one of the best record players you can buy. Here's how it works.

Usually, any damaged parts Rega receives from its network of 650 suppliers are rejected as not fit for purpose. But under the Green Grade scheme, the manufacturer will use them in special Green Grade products. Crucially, these will use parts that are only damaged cosmetically, so performance won't be affected. In fact, Rega issues each Green Grade product with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, so confident is it that the products will work as advertised.

The first initiative in this scheme is the Planar 1 Eco Deck, which comprises the Green Grade Planar 1 and Green Grade Planar 1 Plus. These units will be built using both a selection of Planar 1 and Planar 1 Plus plinths that are marked, scratched or obsolete (the gloss finish of P1 and P1 Plus, for example), and marked or scratched P2 and P3 high gloss acrylic plinths. Rega will fit the brass bearing at no extra cost for those using P3 plinths to turn it into a P1.

Other Green Grade components will be used as and when available  – these include platters and tonearms, all with cosmetic faults.

The decks will then be fitted with ‘A’ grade Carbon cartridges and an Eco lid badge (see below). The outer cartons will feature the Rega Green Grade logo.


(Image credit: Rega)

Rega says that each turntable will be thoroughly tested and will have to pass all of its usual stringent tests, so performance won't be affected in any way.

And the savings? Glad you asked. The Green Grade Planar 1 costs £199 (down from £299 for the regular Planar 1), while the Green Grade Planar 1 Plus is £229 (normal price £385). US and Australian prices are to be decided.

The Planar 1 won a 2022 What Hi-Fi? Award, while the 1 Plus also earned five stars from us. So this sounds like a very worthwhile (not to mention money-saving) scheme.

You can order Green Grade products from any Rega distributor.


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