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Headphones are probably the most-used piece of audio tech, with the in-ear variety being particularly popular. If you're looking for a new pair, but can't decide whether you want wired or wireless, something for the commute or something suitable for the gym, then this is the issue for you.

We've tested eight different pairs - ranging from £40 to £400 - to make sure that, whatever your requirements, you'll have a pair of pocket-ready headphones for your podcasts, playlists and power workouts.

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Finding your centre

The hub of any home cinema system is the amplifier. And these three contenders from Denon, Pioneer and Yamaha all have an entry-level price tag for those looking to take their first steps into boosting their system.

Any self-respecting amp these days has Bluetooth streaming, 5.1 channel set-up and the ability to decode the latest surround sound formats - but can these three low-price options meet the requirements, or will audiophiles need to open their wallets further?

Small in stature, but packed with pixels

4K is becoming commonplace in the televisual world - and the high-end technology is no longer confined to big screens.

A 4K TV for £400 sounds appealing, but is it really worth having those extra pixels on a small screen? We put 40-43in models from Philips, Panasonic and Samsung to the test.

The way to 4K

If you do have a 4K-capable telly, you'll want as much content as possible. The good news for consumers is that providers such as Sky, BT and Virgin are all battling it out for living-room domination, releasing set-top boxes for all your 4K viewing needs.

But which one will give you an HDR image, streaming services and a multi-room option for the best price? Pick up the next issue to find out!

And there's more!

Alongside our features, we continue our quest to put as many new products as possible through their paces.

This issue, we feature wireless headphones from Libratone, a great stereo amp from Rega, and a £1250 phono stage that's one of the best we've heard.

Adam was a staff writer for What Hi-Fi?, reviewing consumer gadgets for online and print publication, as well as researching and producing features and advice pieces on new technology in the hi-fi industry. He has since worked for PC Mag as a contributing editor and is now a science and technology reporter for The Independent.