Eton Sound 50
Available in astro black or glossy white, the ES-50 an all-in-one iPod dock system has halved in price to just £50

Better known, unsurprisingly given the company's name, for desktop radios, Eton Radio turned its attention to your Apple iPod with the Sound 50, or ES-50, docking station.

Boasting 20 watts of power per channel, two mid/bass drivers and accompanying tweeters, the Eton Sound comes with a fully functional remote control.

But of most interest to us is the fact that the Eton Sound 50 is now on sale for just £50 – reduced down from £100.

The unit has 'Made for iPod' functionality but you'll have to go in to Airplane mode when it comes to using your iPhone. Still, a deal's a deal...

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