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Esoteric N-01XD is a network DAC with DSD and MQA support

(Image credit: Esoteric)

Esoteric, the high-end audio brand spun out of TEAC, delivered one of the best CD players we've ever heard, the K-05, so we're excited to learn the company has a new network DAC on the way, the N-01XD. 

On display at CES 2020, the Esoteric N-01XD supports DSD Audio and MQA decoding, offers access to Roon, Qobuz and Tidal, and offers 64-bit/512Fs. You can stream up to DSD 22.5MHz and PCM 384kHz, too (if you can find some and your network can take it).

(Image credit: Future)

There are quad power transformers in order to keep separate sections for the DAC and a separate power supply for the streaming section. Elsewhere, technology is borrowed from the flagship Grandioso products.

Inputs come in the form of an ES-Link, five XLR, two optical, one USB and two RCA, as well as that network connectivity. You'll find RCA and XLR outputs.

Available now (and being demoed with a lovely pair of Focal speakers right now at CES, pictured above). How much? We think this one's in the, "if you have to ask..." category.

  • jjbomber
    Natural follow up to the Cyrus Lyric. Both look like printers.
  • abacus
    I agree, looks more like an All in One Printer/Scanner than a DAC.