Edifier MP300 Plus
There's quite a hi-fi pedigree behind the development of Edifier's MP300 Plus 2.1 portable speaker system, available now for £49.99

This may look like just another stylish 2.1 portable speaker system, but the Edifier MP300 has quite a hi-fi pedigree behind it.

Those involved in its development include Phil Jones, designer of the acclaimed Acoustic Energy AE-1 hi-fi speaker and founder of American Acoustic Development (AAD).

He worked closely with Edifier's R&D team, led by Peter Duminy, who previously worked with the BBC Loudspeaker Research Department and B&W.

The result, claims Edifier, is a system with "detailed bass and ultra-smooth sounding full-range satellites for superb clarity".

An aluminium tube, active subwoofer (9W) handles the bass notes, while the rest of the frequency range is heard from the two pod-like satellite speakers.

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The system is designed to work with notebooks, PCs, MP3 players and music mobile phones.

There's a stereo 3.5mm input, the system weighs 1.8Kg, is powered by the mains and comes with its own carry case.

It's available now from John Lewis stores for £49.99.

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