Dolby announces new partnership to drive Dolby Atmos Music into your car

Dolby Atmos in-car
(Image credit: Dolby Atmos, Lucid Motors)

Dolby has announced a collaboration with Cinemo which (hopefully) marks the beginning of a car audio revolution - one in which Dolby Atmos works its spatial audio magic inside vehicles.

Dolby Atmos Music should, in theory, provide drivers with a more immersive listening experience when listening to their favourite tunes.

While you might be more used to enjoying Atmos via a Dolby Atmos soundbar or home theatre system, we’re intrigued by the effect the tech could have in a smaller, enclosed space like a car. A greater sense of space combined with the feeling of music bouncing around you could make boring road trips more bearable.

Partner Cinemo has experience providing infotainment solutions for vehicles including dashboard displays and apps, and has worked with manufacturers like Honda, Bugatti and more. The company’s experience, according to the release, will help ensure the smooth integration of Dolby Car Experience tech with new and existing audio systems and can map to most speaker configurations.

It’ll be interesting to hear the difference between an upgraded system and a purpose-built Atmos car setup like that found in the 21-speaker-toting Lucid Air, which is the world’s first automotive integration of Atmos tech. Cinemo co-founder Ivan Dimkovic states that “By teaming up with Dolby, car manufacturers can take advantage of this collaboration and, within a short timeframe, offer an immersive audio experience to their customers,” so we could potentially see more mainstream vehicles supporting Dolby Atmos Music in the near future.

We’ll keep our ears open for more specific release dates and prices, along with any first impressions we manage to gather.


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