Microsoft is releasing a digital TV tuner for the Xbox One in October that will allow users to receive over-the-air digital TV channels through the console rather than a separate set-top box.

The tuner will plug in to a USB socket on the Xbox and will support DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C television standards. Previously, users wishing to view TV through the console would have to switch inputs to HDMI. Now with the new tuner, TV channels can be accessed through the Xbox itself.

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A Snap Mode allows you to view HD quality TV on one side of the screen, while an Xbox game can be played on the other - Skype and other applications can also be accessed instead of a game.

OneGuide will pull together all the TV listings on to one screen, and the Kinect sensor can be used to navigate as well. For example, say "Xbox show guide, what's on BBC One?" and the Xbox will navigate to BBC One listings for the current time. That's the theory, anyway.

Users will also be able to pause live TV and save favourite channels in the OneGuide and access listings through the Xbox SmartGlass smartphone app.

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The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner will be available from October in the UK for £25 and France, Germany, Italy and Spain for €30.

The TV tuner add-on for the Xbox could help it gain a greater market share after it emerged that the PS4 is currently outselling the Xbox One by a factor of 2:1

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Microsoft screwed up with two

Microsoft screwed up with two things

1st the ram being ddr3 which isn't a major problem but they should of atleast given the gpu access to ddr5, though saying that Microsoft were at the time expecting they would have the cloud up and working to counter the difference which in turn you don't need such gpu power (time will tell)

2nd the cost of the bundle and no option for stand alone console alot of people turned there backs on MS for doing so.

I have an X1 and 360 and most people of my friends list are still playing on the 360 still trying to decide or waiting for games they want to purchase.

So far a good 75% + use on my X1 has been media e.g blu rays, netflix, renting movies and fitness app which works pretty well.

PC gaming is apperently on the rise even though im ready to launch mine out of the window because of World Of Tanks but i find myself playing more and more games on my iPad the quality of games are just getting better and better.

Thats it i'm off for a game of Hearthstone!