Danish brand Raidho Acoustics upgrades its entire TD loudspeaker series

Raidho TD4.8
(Image credit: Raidho)

All the speakers in Raidho’s TD series (the newest of which is the TD 2.2) have been upgraded and now use a new version of this Danish company’s ribbon tweeter, as well as cones made using the company’s newly-developed Tantalum/Diamond material… hence ‘TD’.

TD cones are of sandwich construction, with a central ceramic core contained within a one micron-thick layer of tantalum. Raidho designer Benno Baun Meldgaard says this modifies the characteristics of the ceramic to make it more suitable as a cone material. 

He says that, by then adding a layer of diamond to the tantalum, the five-layer cone that results is even stiffer than Raidho’s own diamond cones, while at the same time being better damped. All drivers also have a new motor system for which Meldgaard says he has applied for a patent and is: "the strongest underhung motor design on the market."

The ribbon tweeter now has a more powerful magnet system and a new acoustically optimised rear chamber. Meldgaard says the result is a reduction in distortion and an improvement in efficiency compared to the previous design. "Importantly, all these enhancements have been achieved without sacrificing any of the open and detailed sound that is a Raidho trademark," said Rob Sanders, of Entertaining Environments, which distributes Raidho in Australia. 

"You should expect something very special indeed in terms of dynamics and resolution when you listen to any model in Raidho’s range, but most particularly the TD 4.8. Despite its height, its six bass drivers and its two midrange drivers, the stunning Scandinavian design of the TD 4.8 means it will fit all rooms."

The Raidho TD 2.2 is the successor to the D2.1 and is a 2.5-way bass reflex design that uses two 165mm TD cone bass/midrange drivers, the uppermost of which crosses over to the updated TD-ribbon tweeter at 2.4kHz. Overall, Raidho claims a frequency response of 32Hz– 50kHz ±3dB, sensitivity of 88dBSPL (1W@1m) and a nominal impedance of 6Ω.

Available now, the Raidho TD 2.2 retails for £38,000 per pair ($46,381, AU$66,000) while the Raidho TD 4.8 retails for £73,529 per pair ($89,640, AU$125,000).

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