Increase in those listening to radio online and via apps offsets decline in DAB figures

The number of DAB radio listeners slipped slightly in the first quarter of 2012, dropping to 19.1% of the total (compared to 19.4% in the previous quarter).

This was offset by an increase in online and app listening, up from 3.4% to 3.9%.

Overall, digital platforms accounted for 29.2% of all radio listening, according to the latest Rajar figures released today.

Those listening to digital radio via their TV also dropped marginally to a 4.4% share.

A total of 63.1% of radio listening remains on FM and AM, down from 64.1% in the previous quarter and 65.4% at the start of 2011.

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Although the number of people who own a DAB radio at home is now said to be 42.6%, it seems the Government's stated aim of digital radio switchover once 50% of all radio listening is via digital remains a long way off.

Originally digital switchover was supposed to happen by 2013, then 2015, now 2020 looks more realistic.

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