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Crystal Acoustics unleashes 7.4 surround sound system

Crystal Acoustics T2-7.4-UL

Crystal Acoustics says this is its "most ambitious surround sound package to date" – a 7.4 channel, THX Ultra2 certified system costing £2999.

For that money you get a pair of THX Ultra2-certified TX-T2SE floorstanders; a THX CT-BLA centre speaker; four THX D-BLA dipole surrounds; and no fewer than four of the company's new THX Ultra2-certified TX-12 subwoofers.

Somewhat laboriously named the T2-7.4-UL system, it's designed to suit "the most acoustically challenging rooms", says Crystal Audio. It was developed at Crystal's dedicated R&D centre in Athens.

The tall, narrow front speakers incorporate a pair of 16.5cm Kevlar/fibre woofers, plus an updated version of Crystal's "free air tweeter". This sits in a rigid, spherical enclosure on top of the cabinets and uses a 25mm, silk-dome, Neodymium tweeter that can be rotated to be in line with the axis of your ears.

Each of the four subwoofers packs a 12in, long-throw driver made from a light, treated paper cone. A 200W amplifier provides the power to drive them.

The entire package comes in a black gloss finish with yellow Kevlar cones for the fornt and rear speakers.

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