Countdown to CES 2012, Las Vegas

CES 2012

We'll be heading off to Las Vegas on Saturday, January 7th in preparation for the start of CES 2012, the largest consumer electronics show on the planet.

To give you an idea of the scale of the show, it covers 1.8 million sq ft of exhibition space spread across the famous Vegas strip, with more than 2500 companies showing off their latest gadgets to more than 100,000 journalists, bloggers and industry analysts from all over the globe.

As the official European media partner for this year's event, along with our colleagues at, we'll be there in force, bringing you daily updates of all the breaking tech news, video show reports, blogs and analysis of emerging trends, plus pictures of the hottest new kit.

You'll be able to follow it all on our dedicated CES news channel, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages. You can read our preview of what's in store here.

And for the first time we'll be running our Stars of CES awards, in which we pick the Top 10 new product launches at CES that most impress our panel of experts.

We'll be making stars of the most desirable, most exciting and most innovative products from the hi-fi and home cinema kit on display at The Venetian hotel, where we'll have our own room.

We'll reveal the winners, at the show and here on, on Wednesday, January 11th.

The show kicks off on Sunday, January 8th with all the major press conferences taking place on Monday, January 9th. Here's a list of the key ones we'll be reporting on live from Las Vegas next week:

Jan 8th

4-7pm (12pm UK): CES Unveiled

Jan 9th

8am (4pm UK): LG Electronics

9am (5pm UK): Monster

10am (6pm UK): Sharp

11am (7pm): Pioneer

2pm (10pm UK): Samsung

3pm (11pm UK): Panasonic

5pm (1am UK): Sony

Jan 10th:

10am (6pm): Bang & Olufsen

We expect to hear about the latest OLED developments, more smart/web TV updates, glasses-free 3D TV, high-definition streaming audio and video, super hi-res 4k x 2K technology, and state-of-the-art portable kit including new smartphones and tablets. Oh, and an 8-foot wide, 10,000W iPod dock!

For a taste of some of the forthcoming highlights, you can check out the 2012 'Innovations Honorees' in our blog.

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Andy Clough

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