Copland launches first product in two years, the CTA408 integrated valve amp

Copland has launched its first new product since the excellent DAC215 in 2016, the Copland CTA408 integrated valve amplifier. 

Based on the KT150 power valves (the latest variant of the 6550 and KT88 tubes), the CTA408 delivers 75 watts per channel (into a 3 ohms or 8 ohms load), with Copland’s in-house output transformers supposedly fine-tuned for optimal power bandwidth, linearity and minimum phase shift.  

Several individual power supplies have been designed to operate with constant power, preventing damaging power stage fluctuations from entering the input stages and reverse modulation towards the AC supply. A newly designed startup procedure has been integrated to ‘vastly’ prolong tube life, too.

Separate MC and MM phono inputs are driven by a phono amplifier with active RIAA equalisation utilising over one hundred discrete components inside its own noise-shielding box, and are joined by four pairs of RCA inputs, a tape input and output apiece, and a Class A headphone amplifier. 

The Copland CTA408 integrated valve amplifier is available this month for £6398, and we hope to get our mitts on it soon after.


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Becky Roberts

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