Coming soon - the Lego MP3 player, clock radio and boombox

Lego MP3

Three distinct ranges are being planned, the first being 'Brick-Built Portable Electronics', which will include MP3 players, digital cameras, walkie talkies and USB drives, all looking like they're made from Lego bricks.

The Bionicle range will include digital cameras and systems for making stop-motion animations, and a further line of electronics will include 'bbombox' portable players and alarm clock radios, all designed to look like giant Lego bricks.

Jill Wilfert, senior director of licensing for LEGO Group, says that "For the many people who create their own LEGO movies and photo vignettes, these products will be not only attuned to their interests, but cater to their hobbies as well.”

The products will initially be available in the USA, Canada and Mexico.