For the most dedicated hi-fi aficionados and home cinema enthusiasts, sometimes it just has to be the best kit on the market – nothing else will do. And such products will often come with price tags that take things to a different level.

If you're thinking about getting the very best hi-fi system for that special someone, you might find that your budget is stretched above and beyond. But if there are no restrictions on what you're prepared to spend, we've rounded up 10 of the bank-busting products that'll fit the bill.

From a 4K OLED TV that's quite possibly the best screen we've ever seen, to what is comfortably the most expensive amplifier we've had pass through our doors, these 10 pieces of kit are arguably the most desirable going - and it's fair to say that status has been reflected in their respective price tags.

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LG 65EF950V

Five stars

Tested at £4000 

4K OLED is possibly the best thing to happen to TV in recent times. While 4K TVs have a great picture quality, they lack the contrast of OLED sets. This flat 4K OLED set from LG is one of the best we've laid eyes on, delivering expert contrast between the lightest and darkest scenes - helped in no small part to HDR technology. If it's the finest TV on the market right now you crave this Christmas, this is it.

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Sony VPL-VW500ES

Five stars

Tested at £8500

An alternative to a TV is, of course, a projector and this Sony is one of the best. If you've got 4K content to feed through it (and fortunately more is becoming available) then you will be rewarded with an incredibly detailed picture. 

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Burmester 069

Five stars

Tested at £35,840

Yes, we could have included something like the Roksan Caspian M2because at £1900 it's still an expensive player. But as this is a money-no-object list, we've settled for one of the most expensive we've ever heard. Coincidentally, it also happens to be one of the best. 

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Dan D'Agostino Momentum integrated amplifier

Five stars

Tested at £44,000

Quite simply one of the finest amplifiers money can buy. Exquisitely made, it can handle any piece of music no matter how complex. If we could pick just one thing from this list to receive this Christmas, it would be this.

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VPI Prime

Five stars

Tested at £3750

This turntable won our inaugural Temptation Award in 2015, which should tell you just how good it is. The Prime turntable/arm combination is one of the most likeable record players we’ve heard in recent years and one we think you need to listen to.

Awards 2015 - Best turntables


Five stars

Tested at £6280

Six grand for a pair of floorstanders may seem expensive, but considering what you get for the money, these ATCs are an absolute bargain. They're lovingly made and deliver exceptional sound quality no matter the genre.

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Wilson Audio Duette II

Five stars

Tested at £19,000

But six grand for a pair of speakers is a steal compared to this pair from Wilson Audio. Their appeal lies in the fact they work best when placed close to a rear wall, as the engineers found not many people would use them in free space. The resulting sound is one that's full of detail and well-balanced across the frequency range. Put simply, the Duette IIs are brilliant.

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Chord Hugo TT

Five stars

Tested at £2995

The Hugo TT is a larger version of the popular Award-winning Hugo and is designed to be used as a permanent component within a hi-fi system. Like its smaller sibling, it sounds great but adds extra clarity, stronger dynamics and improved authority in the process. We can't recommend it highly enough.

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Audeze LCD-3

Five stars

Tested at £1725 

Can any headphones be worth £1725? It’s a question we asked ourselves when reviewing Audeze’s LCD-3. By the end of the test period we had our answer, and it’s a positive one. Provided the source and amplifier are up to the job, the LCD-3s deliver a scale and authority of sound we just didn’t think headphones could ever manage.

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Shure SE846

Five stars

Tested at £950 

A grand is a lot of money for any headphones, let alone in-ears, but given an appropriately talented system we think the SE846s are good enough to justify the outlay. It’s fair to say they’re the most capable in-ears we’ve heard.

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