Chord teases Suzi pre/power amplifier concept that's like Lego for your hi-fi

Chord Suzi pre/power amp
Chord Electronics Suzi Pre/Power amplifiers combined (Image credit: Chord Electronics)

If you're heading to the High End Munich 2024 showcase, Chord Electronics has a treat in store for you. The British manufacturer will be unveiling its new Suzi pre-amplifier and power amplifier ahead of the system's official launch later this autumn.

Designed by Chord’s founder and owner John Franks, the new Chord Suzi concept includes a preamplifier and a power amplifier that boasts Ultima-derived technology (as found in the company's flagship Ultima Pre 3/Ultima 6 and Ultima Integrated amps), with both units forming a mini pre/power amplifier combination.

The highlight of the Suzi products is that if you want to add digital and streaming powers to the analogue Suzi units, you can combine them with the Award-winning Chord Hugo 2 DAC and/or the 2go streamer thanks to their modular designs.

Chord envisions three primary use case scenarios for the Suzi that you can "build": as an analogue pre/power amplifier combining a Suzi Pre with a Suzi amplifier; a DAC and amplifier combo which brings together a Suzi power amp with a Hugo 2 DAC; and a full streaming system which connects a Suzi power amplifier with a Hugo 2 DAC and a 2go streaming module.

Chord Suzi amp with Hugo 2 DAC

Suzi power amp with Hugo 2 DAC combined. (Image credit: Chord Electronics)

The pictures above give an idea of what the Suzi pre/power will look like, but it's hard to gauge more details or dimensions without seeing them in person. However, we know the Hugo 2 and 2go combo is about the size of a paperback novel, which gives an idea of just how compact the Suzi combo is. 

The Suzi preamp and Suzi power amplifier will be launching formally this autumn, at which time we'll have full details, specifications and pricing to keep you up to speed.

Before that, however, we'll be on the ground at the High End Munich show to bring you as many details and hands-on images as we can when we see Chord's new Suzi products on display. Chord has one more product – this time a digital one designed by Rob Watts – to still reveal, so stay tuned for all our Munich show news and coverage as the event starts on 9th May.


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