CES NEWS: Wireless HD standard could spell the end of home cinema cables

A new standard launched by a consortium of leading electronics manufacturers could open the way to all our home entertainment streaming around the house without cables.

Wireless HD, which operates in the 60GHz band, is designed to be a worldwide standard enabling devices including televisions, HD disc players, set-top boxes, camcorders, gaming consoles and adapter to communicate high-definition content, and the initial standard offers data throughput of 4Gbps with secure content protection.

The Wireless HD 1.0 standard is backed by companies including Intel, LG, Matsushita (Panasonic), NEC Corporation, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, and has a large number of companies signed up as 'early adopters', including Meridian, Philips and Pioneer. The promoters say that the 60GHz band it uses is both unlicensed and available globally, making it possible to establish a world standard.

It should offer uncompressed streaming of high-definition audio and video content, scalable to take advantage of future developments in these areas, and simplified control of equipment linked using the system.

The system uses smart antenna technology to get over the line-of-sight constraints usually present in the 60GHz band, and high definition content protection to keep the likes of the major movie studios happy.

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