We may still be waiting for technologies designed to give us screens just fractions of an inch thick, but for the moment Hitachi is setting new standards with its latest line-up - both LCD and plasma models are just 1.5in, or under 4cm, thick.

The company is using the annual Consumer Electronics Show to roll out what it calls its '1.5' range - a reference to that all-important depth dimension.

The new TVs will come in 32in, 37 in and 42in screen sizes, and as well as being very slim, they're light too - the 32in model waighs around 11kg.

Other benefits include:

  • Full HD 1920x1080-pixel resolution
  • 178 degree viweing angle
  • Deep colour capability
  • Anti-judder technology
  • Advanced Dynamic Contrast
  • Silent cooling technology

As part of a technology showcase, the company will be showing its Ultra Thin plasma screen, which is also 1.5in deep, and a Super Ultra Thin LCD screen design. It's a 32in model just 0.75in, or less than 2cm, thick.

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